2020 Infinite Hero Challenge Coin

Since 2014, every time Fast Jack Beckman straps into his Infinite Hero Foundation Dodge Funny Car, he carries challenge coins down the track with him. The coins are a commemorative fundraising opportunity for Infinite Hero and are available for a $100 donation to the IHF. After each pass, Beckman personalizes the coins with the name of the track and run information along with a personalized note for the donor. We are proud to share that more than $685,000 has been raised for the Infinite Hero Foundation through the Challenge Coin Program thanks to the generous contributions of our supporters.  An Infinite Hero representative attends each of the twenty-four races on the NHRA schedule.  Please stop by and visit the Infinite Hero team pit area to learn more about the Foundation.
To learn more about Jack Beckman, the Infinite Hero Foundation Challenge Coin program, and to see photos of the Infinite Hero funny car and race team, visit Jack’s website: https://gofastjack.com/
Please contact
info@infinitehero.org for questions regarding the coin program.

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IHF Lanyard

Represent Infinite Hero with this stylish and practical lanyard and pouch. IHF lanyards measure 3/4″ thick and a total of 36″ in length and are made of high-quality material with sublimation dye and a strong lobster claw clasp on the end.  At only $12 each, and free shipping, these make great gifts for yourself and your loved ones!

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Infinite Hero Foundation Shirt

You can show your love for our military heroes by making a donation to support the Infinite Hero Foundation. When you make a $35 donation we will send you an IHF shirt to show our gratitude for your generosity. These New Era® shirts feature a brand new Infinite Hero design and the 60/40 blend creates an unbelievably soft tee and come in unisex and women’s styles.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind IHF Challenge Coin! Each coin has gone down the track with Fast Jack Beckman in the Infinite Hero funny car at over 300 mph and then each coin was flown in a U2 Dragon Lady at over 70,000 ft to the edge of space. This coin can be yours for a $250 tax-deductible donation to IHF. There’s a limited number of these coins available so order yours today! 100% of the proceeds support the military heroes and their families served by Infinite Hero.

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Oakley US Standard Issue benefiting Infinite Hero

Shop the Infinite Hero line of Oakley eyewear on the Oakley Standard Issue website. Oakley Standard Issue is an exclusive membership program established solely for active, reserve, or veteran U.S. Armed Force members, law enforcement, first responders, EMT and other government customers. A portion of the proceeds from every sale benefit the Infinite Hero Foundation.

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Absorbits benefiting Infinite Hero

Absorbits bags feature their patented, tested, and proven Bone-Dri material that provide protection and moisture removal for electronics, cellphones, firearms, tools, collectibles, valuables and other toys. When you shop using our custom link it’s a win-win – you will automatically receive 20% off at checkout and a portion of the proceeds from every sale benefit the Infinite Hero Foundation. If you are interested in placing a large scale or custom order please email us at info@infinitehero.org.

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