About American Military Family

American Military Family (AMF) provides veterans, first responders and their families with assistance, whether it be emotional, physical, mental or financial,  for their missing, suicidal, displaced or struggling Hero.  We are here to aide in their road to recovery and subsequent success. Our Goal: STOP VETERAN & FIRST RESPONDERS SUICIDE.

To engage fellow veterans to reach out to other struggling battle buddies; to educate communities and businesses that will educate civilians about the needs and issues facing our veterans and their families; to form a coalition of combat veterans and families who will strengthen and empower one another.

More information is available online at https://americanmilitaryfamily.org/

How We Helped

American Military Family provides emotional, physical, and mental support for suicidal US Military veterans. The Infinite Hero Foundation has funded the AMF GY6 program, this program is a pre-emptive approach to preventing veteran suicide. By implementing intrusive intervention for veterans in crisis and providing support services, lives are being saved. Upon receipt of the urgent call, the AMF GY6 team immediately puts “Boots on the Ground” with their Quick Reaction Force team of Suicide Prevention Certified Combat veterans to locate the person in a very timely manner and prevent tragedy. Once physical contact is made with the wounded warrior, a full assessment of their emotional, physical, financial, and invisible wounds is run to determine how their needs can best be served. With the “pay it forward” system that is established through this program, struggling veterans heal and regain a sense of purpose.

The Infinite Hero Foundation is proud to have funded these incredible suicide prevention efforts with a grant in the amount of $25,000 in 2019 and $25,000 in 2021.

AMGY6 Team experience moves heroes from “Suicidal to Successful”.

The Funding