About BEST

Brain Education Strategies and Technology, Inc. (BEST) received $30,000 for their online program designed to help veterans and service members integrate specific apps into their daily routines to assist with cognitive issues commonly experienced post-TBI (e.g., energy management, goal-setting, note- taking, organization and password storage).

Based on a model already piloted at the Palo Alto VA, veterans, caregivers and clinicians receive training in how to use five apps selected for their practicality and versatility. In addition to providing training in app use for TBI, the project will include the development of one new app, StrategizeMyLife, and also its incorporation into a suite of apps designed for use by vets and active duty military with TBI.

More information is available online at bestconnections.org.

How We Helped

Brain Education Strategies and Technology, INC. (BEST) was granted $30,000 for their online program.

The Funding