Operation Red Wings Foundation’s mission is to provide Veterans and their families with a path to healing from their invisible wounds.

To learn more about Operation Red Wings Foundation https://orwfoundation.org/

How We Helped

In 2021 the Infinite Hero Foundation granted $50,000 to Lone Survivor Foundation, now known as Operation Red Wings Foundation, for the Post-Traumatic Growth Program (PTGP) for combat veterans and their families.

This program is deployed in three phases, the first phase helps veterans build the skills and plan of action.

The second phase is a couple’s session to help the veteran and their significant other understand the impacts of trauma on their relationship and learn how to reconnect.

The final phase is a family session that focuses on rebuilding the family unit including school-aged children.

Together, these phases give veterans the best chance of achieving long-lasting, positive growth towards long-lasting recovery.

The Funding